Halloween Safety Is Simple and Easy to Remember

Halloween represents a night when kids can get dressed up make-believe costumes with their friends and enjoy a night out in the neighborhood. It gives parents a momentary break from work, and it allows a family to be together at a special time of year. That said, parents should always ensure they and their children remember the following safety tips:

  • Always travel in groups and don’t go down dark areas alone.
  • Have a parent nearby at all times, even when walking from door to door.
  • Don’t eat any of the candy received until a parent has gone through the treats at home.
  • Watch out for cars when crossing streets at night, especially when wearing a dark costume.
  • If something wrong does happen, yell loudly and often to get the attention of other parents.
  • Go home when the streets begin to clear out and empty.

Eastland Escrows has been helping families for years secure the home of their dreams to raise children and grow. Halloween is definitely a time for fun and treats for kids, and it should never be a holiday when folks should be worried. Enjoy the special night and best wishes of holiday fun from our office to your family.

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