Strong Escrow Support for Growing SoCal Market Activity

Given the latest property market updates for California real estate, one can’t be blamed for wondering if the state’s regional markets will slow down a little come winter time. However, any minor retrenchment in sales is likely to be offset by continued growth in 2014 when it gets warmer again. Southern California in particular has held steady since July with a median house price of $385,000. It’s a 28 percent rise over 2012. However, many expect this property market value update to cool down for a bit as prices are going flat through August and September.

Eastland Escrows has been handling real estate escrow needs for years, ensuring all transactions run smoothly and all transfer documentation is verified before closing an escrow account. With all changes in the Southern California market occurring in 2013 and expected to continue and expand in 2014, escrow needs are going to grow exponentially. Eastland Escrows can meet the demand with expertise. Call them for back-end support on your real estate transactions.

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