Eastland Escrows, Hablamos Espanol

At Eastland Escrows, we know that understanding mortgages and escrow is difficult enough. If you are not fluent in English, you may not fully understand the terminology and details involved in real estate transactions. Our workers offer bilingual support to the Spanish speaking community to make the mortgage and escrow process easier for you.

An escrow account protects and holds your money until your transaction is complete. The service protects both buyers and sellers in a real estate transaction. We have been providing full service escrow support since 1973.

You may also need legal assistance or help with your mortgage lender. You can request this assistance through your financial institution. Do not let the legal escrow process worry you. Let us help you understand everything you need to know to complete your escrow process.

We have employees that work for you and the Spanish speaking community in Covina and the Los Angeles County area. Get in touch with Eastland Escrows today. Para obtener ayuda para entender escrow, ponerse en contacto con Jorge Chavez, escrow2@eastlandescrows.com o Cynthia Tapia, cynthia@eastlandescrows.com

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