What Should I Do While in Escrow?

In most routine real estate transactions, there is not a great deal for you to do while you’re "in escrow." However, it is important that you understand what is transpiring and your part, if any, that you’re required to play. Here is a brief checklist of things you should do.

To Dos While in Escrow

  • Do not ask your escrow officer purely "legal" questions. Escrow officers are not practicing attorneys. Even if they know the answers, they are technically prohibited from giving you binding answers since they cannot practice law.
  • Ask your escrow officer about any documentation or actions for which you are responsible to speed the real estate closing.
  • Respond quickly to any questions or requests for documents or verification needed to close your transaction on time.
  • Be sure you’re prepared to have "good funds," e.g., cashier’s check, ready for the scheduled closing date. Don’t wait until just before the closing date to plan for this requirement, as delays in receiving your proof of good funds can happen.

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