Los Angeles Shelter Pets Find Homes at Local NKLA Adoption Weekend Event

Nothing makes a new house more like a home than getting a new pet to share your space with, and when you choose a shelter pet, you’re literally saving a life. Over 400 cats and dogs found new homes at a November 12th event sponsored by the  Best Friends Animal Society.  Over 40 rescue groups and shelters who support the NKLA (No-Kill Los Angeles) initiative showed up with dogs and cats of all ages who just wanted a new home for the holidays. As many attendees learned at the event, getting a shelter pet is both an economical way to enter into pet ownership and a fun way to find a furry new lifelong friend and companion. Adoption fees at the event, and at many shelters around town, started at just $25 and included vaccinations, micro chipping and spaying or neutering.

Look to your local shelter when it’s time to find a new pet to share your home, and for residential and commercial escrow services, count on Eastland Escrows in Covina, California.


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