Loan Processing: A Step-by-Step Process You Can Leave to Your Escrow Agent

Loan process is long and detailed but thankfully once you’ve opened escrow your escrow agent will be your liaison with your intended lender to handle all the details. Your escrow officer will stand in for you to

  • submit all required documents
  • coordinate the clearing of any title hurdles encountered along the way such as additional title insurance endorsements
  • Stay in touch throughout the processing and underwriting phases
  • contact your insurance agent for required homeowner’s insurance and additional endorsements the lender may require.

Expect her to remain in constant contact with you for updates and requests for answers to any questions your lender may have. Be patient and before you know it, she’ll be calling you to tell you the date and location of the closing and the exact amount of money to bring for closing costs.

If this sounds overwhelming, take heart, it’s all a part of the real estate business and escrow agents do this daily. Eastland Escrows has been serving home buyers in Covina California since 1973. If you’ll be purchasing a home in any of the surrounding areas, contact them so they can help you too.




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