Pamper Your Pet on National Love Your Pet Day

There are times that it seems as if there is a holiday for everything. Not only is there Valentines, Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving there are more obscure holidays that provide the opportunity to enjoy everything from organ donation to coconut cream pie. But one holiday that many will be able to embrace falls on February 20th;  National Love Your Pet Day. Most pet owners would likely agree that if you don’t love your pet every day, you don’t deserve him. But it’s nice to have a special day set aside for a little extra pampering.

On National Love Your Pet Day, you might take your dog for an extra walk, or treat him to a good brushing. If you have a hamster or a guinea pig, you can allow them to play outside of their cage in a safe area, and perhaps give them a few extra fruits and vegetables. If the cat’s napping in a sunny spot on your favorite chair, you can let her stay put … just this once, and sit somewhere else. If anyone is going to appreciate being treated extra special for a day, it’s your pet.

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