Heroic Dog Saves Owner From Snowmobile Crash

Heroes come in many forms. A 52-year-old Alaskan man learned that when his life was saved by his loving Irish setter, 11-year-old Amber. On Sunday, March 2, Otis Orth was working with his snow machine when he got into a terrible accident in the Alaskan wilderness. His injuries were so severe that he could not move, let alone contact anyone for help.

Amber to the Rescue

Amber was not going to sit idly by while her master lay dying. She lay down next to him to warm him through the frigid Alaskan night. The next afternoon, she heard the sound of snowmobiles coming from nearby Lake Jeff. She ran to the lake and attracted the attention of two snowmobilers. They followed her to Orth.

Heroic Efforts

State troopers were called while the snowmobilers did their best to keep Orth warm and comfortable. Orth was conscious when a Life Met helicopter arrived to take him to a hospital in Anchorage. Troopers claim that Amber was a true hero.

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