Questions Home Buyers Should Ask and Sellers Should Know

Buying or selling a home is a stressful situation. There are so many questions, and sometimes, too few good answers. Buyers who are purchasing a home should ask some of the following questions, and sellers should prepare answers to them.

Why are you selling your home?

Don’t expect the seller to tell you any negative aspects of the home, but use the question to understand the seller’s motives.

How much did you pay for the home?

This is public information, but it is best to hear it from the home seller.

What’s your lowest asking price?

The listing price is usually just wishful thinking. The lowest asking price is the true number to use to start your negotiations.

Are there any issues with the home or neighborhood?

Disclosure forms do not require sellers to mention corrected issues, but you can always ask.

What is the distance to the closest ______?

You can fill in the blank with anything important for you — school, supermarket, public transportation, etc.

There are more questions to ask when buying real estate in California, to learn more, please contact Eastland Escrows.

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