Benefits of Using Dropbox for your Real Estate Needs

DownloadReal estate agents across the globe are finding new and inventive ways of sharing information with other brokers, clients, and mortgage professionals. Dropbox, a free cloud storage option, is the latest in real estate technology. With hundreds of free benefits and uses, this cloud storage technology allows real estate agents to reach out more and connect with a completely new set of potential buyers and sellers. If you are new to cloud storage, or to Dropbox, here are a few ways you can benefit from its technology.

Sharing the Property

As a real estate agent, you know a picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, some real estate sites may limit you on the number of pictures you can post. With Dropbox, you can take those pictures and upload them directly into the cloud. Your client can then access the shared file and view the images in real time. This makes specific image requests easy to share and keep private between yourself and the potential client.

Sharing Documents

Email is a quick way to send documents to potential buyers or sellers, but it can easily become lost or deleted. Dropbox takes away this worry by allowing you to create shared folders with your clients that can only be deleted by you. This way you know where the documents area and you can ensure the client receives them.

Multiple Client Networking

With Dropbox, you can network with multiple clients using the same platform. Simply create a folder for each of your clients and share the folder with that client. This allows a one-place stop for you to check on all your clients’ needs and updates. You can even use Dropbox on your smartphone to update files on the go.

Dropbox technology is free and readily available online and as a smartphone application. If you are having issues reaching your clients or keeping paperwork straight, then download and start using Dropbox today.  Contact Eastland Escrows in Covina, California for all your escrow needs.

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