National Mutt Day is July 31st

Make sure to mark your calendar for Mutt’s Day 2014 on July 31st. As a worldwide event, the day is meant to bring attention to the fun and friendly mutts of the world and encourage people at adopt a new furry friend. While there is no actual location for Mutt’s Day, many different shelters celebrate the day with reduced costs to adopt a mutt.

A mutt, or mongrel, is any dog that is mixed-breed and does not belong to a single organizationally recognized breed. They are not a result of selected breeding, making each one special and unique in its own way. While mutt may have a negative implication to some, it is used in an affectionate manner in the United States and Canada to describe their distinctive furry friend.

The offspring of mutts have a variety of different appearances, each special to each dog. Some mutts closely resemble one breed, while others have clear features of all of their ancestors. As the mixed breeds of mutts continue to interbreed, younger generations tend to look more like each other than ever before.

With the breeding of different dog breeds, mutts can also have a variety of different temperaments. Since you can never know exactly what mix of breeds you are adopting when you adopt a mutt, it is important to remember to train them well. Mutts usually have a calmer temperament than pure bred dogs, making them easier to handle for first time dog owners, or families that have small children.

Adopting a mutt is a way to give a dog a second chance at being loved. Although some of them may not seem as attractive as pure bred dogs, they are able to love their people just as much.

Eastland Escrow would like to remind you to check out all the mutts that are available for adoption around the world, and to contact them with all of your real estate needs in Southern California.

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