7 Tips to Stay Safe on Social Media

Social MediaIt is almost impossible to avoid social media sites these days. While social media can be a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, it can also lead to some serious issues, including identity theft. Keep these 7 tips in mind to help ensure that your identity stays safe while you are online.

  1. Keep in mind that everything that you post online will stay online forever. Only post photos or status updates that you do not mind sharing with strangers.
  2. Pay attention to whenever you are tagged or mentioned in a post. Although it may seem harmless, the more times you are tagged on another person’s page the less privacy you have.
  3. Even if you have the most restrictive settings on your page, others may still be able to view your information from your friend’s pages. Even if you are posting something that you think is private, it may not be.
  4. Never open a link from someone that you do not know, both if it is posted for everyone to see and if it is sent to you directly.
  5. Use a two way factor authentication process for all of your social media accounts. Make sure you have all of the security measures in place to keep you as safe as possible.
  6. Regularly check the privacy policies that are offered by social media sites, since they tend to change frequently. Make sure that they are always set to a level that you are comfortable with.
  7. Block and report any spammers that you run into. Not only will it help to keep your newsfeed safe, but it will also help to notify the managers of the site.

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