Happy National Homeownership Month!

National Homeownership Month


Owning a home has always been part of the American Dream. June is National Homeownership Month, which helps to celebrate those who have accomplished their own American Dream with their own house. National Homeownership Month started as just a week-long celebration in 1995, and then was proclaimed as a month long celebration by President George W. Bush in 2002 to encourage Americans to explore the homeowners opportunities in their own communities.

There are many advantages of owning your own home, including:

  • Tax breaks – the interest that you pay on your mortgage and property taxes throughout the year can be deducted from your taxes each year.
  • Appreciation – real estate has a stable, long term growth in value. Even though the housing market fluctuates from year to year, the value of your home will generally increase the longer you stay put.
  • Freedom – when you own your own home, you have the freedom to decorate as you please without having to worry about asking a landlord. Any renovations that you make to your house while you live there will only help to increase the value.
  • Stability – staying in a neighborhood for a number of years allows you to build relationships with the people in your community. The stability of the relationships that you build can last a lifetime and allows your children to feel more stable as they grow.

Homeownership Month helps to show what an important role owning a home can play when providing financial security for families. Owning a home allows you to start building up equity, which has been one of the most important means for families to be able to send their children to college or build up their nest egg.

When looking to buy a new home, or refinance your current house, contact Eastland Escrows in Covina, California.

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