Level: The Smartphone App To Make Budgeting Easier

How Level Can Help You Spend And Save

In 2015, budgeting is a lot easier than it used to be. You used to have to collect receipts, create spreadsheets, and keep extensive files on your spending. Today, all of your spending habits can be digitally tracked and easily compiled. Apps on your smartphone put all of your financial specifics at your fingertips at any moment of the day.

Level is just one of those apps and is a great resource for people trying to cap their spending to make their savings goals possible. A mobile meter for your money, you simply connect Level to your bank and credit cards and enter in your bills. Then input your income and how much you want to save each month. With that information, Level will give you the amount of available cash you have to spend each day, known as your “Spendable.”

Level is a great application for people who have irregular income or a unique financial situation, too. For example, if you are living off of tips or commissions Level will look at your bank history to help you project for the future. Or if you live with multiple people and split utilities, it can factor the incoming reimbursements from roommates when calculating your utility bill to ensure you have the most accurate idea of your spending. It can even track your spending over time to help you budget for fluctuating bills, like a heat bill that goes up in the wintertime.

Ultimately, Level can help you organize your financial life and stay on budget to propel you towards your goals.

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