4 DIY Apps All Homeowners Need

DIY Smartphone Apps

One of the best aspects of owning your own house is having the freedom to take on any DIY project that you want. However, if you are new to the DIY world, you may not know where to start. Download these apps that will help you navigate your way through any DIY project that you want to take on.

1.Houzz Interior Design Ideas – with more than 1.5 million images of interior designs that are all curated by editors, design professionals, and savvy homeowners, you will have plenty of inspiration to redesign your house. All you have to do is search a term that you are looking for and have instant access to real-life examples.

2.BEHR ColorSmart – choosing a paint color can be much harder than you expect. This app allows you to take a picture of a color that you like, and upload it to find the exact hue. You can also test out what the color would look like in your house by uploading a picture of the room and applying the color.

3.HomeAdvisor Mobile – if your DIY project gets way off track and you need to call in the professionals, there is an app for that. If you need a licensed electrician or plumber to get a job done, this app allows the right person for the job to find you by uploading a picture of the issue.

4.Eden Garden – upload a picture of your yard and scale it to size with this app to get the perfect idea of where and what plants you should put in your yard. The app will give you an idea of what to plant based on color, blooming season, height, name, and much more.

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