Devices to Make Your Home Smarter!

smart home covina ca

Smart home devices are an ever-increasing trend. Which ones are worth trying? 

From smartphones to smartwatches, we are never far from intelligent technology. Leaders in devices have thought, “why stop there?” and have announced their plans for smart home “Internet of Things” (IoT) operating systems. In short, you can control your devices with a touch of a button.

To streamline the process of trying these new technologies, we’ve compiled a list of the best of the best. Check it out below:

Temperature Control
The Nest Thermostat, also compatible with Google, can reduce your energy bills by up to 15 percent by automatically adapting to your daily schedule. It learns your patterns of “warmer mornings” or “cooler evenings” preferences, and you can control it from your smartphone, even while away from your home!

Home Security
You can alarm and disarm your entire house simply from your smartphone or keychain remote control with SkylinkNet Alarm System. Wireless cameras are easy to set up and install, and window or door motion sensors can trigger a push notification on your smartphone.

Laundry Made Simple
LG’s suite of “smart” home appliances work with each other to ensure efficiency and reduce energy-consumption. The ThinQ SmartWasher automatically washes clothes at the most cost-effective time during the day and can be monitored remotely! Due to this, it uses 30 percent less energy and about half of the water than your standard washing machine does!

Smart homes make for daily efficiency and help you better manage your schedule, and can even help you save on your water and electricity bills! With better technology comes convenient living, so take it for a spin.

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