Enjoy Saving Money with These Three Tips

saving tips covina ca

Counting the pennies? Easily save money and enjoy doing so!

Whether you’re saving for the future, an emergency fund, or to purchase that new home you’ve been wanting, saving money is a common goal during the month of January.

Even though it’s not the most fun or glamorous way to live, there are ways to have fun saving money. By doing these things, you can save while you feel empowered and enjoy life!

  • Use apps: Perhaps you’re a person who relies on To-Do lists, or you need to be reminded. Since most of us are chained to our phones these days, we can use this to our advantage. Set up reminders to transfer money into your savings account, or create a monthly savings To-Do list so that you can check it off each month and never forget to put money away!
  • Determine the magic number: Instead of saving “for a trip” (which basically means a limitless amount!), pick a dollar amount and save to reach that goal. When people don’t have a specified number, they can quickly become disheartened or tempted to dip into their funds often.
  • Strategically stock up on necessary goods: If you like shopping too much, train yourself to not spend too much! Do so by stocking up on essentials so the chances of spending (and overspending) are eliminated. Knowing you already have what you need can help you eliminate the impulse buys from your life.


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