Affordable U.S Destinations to See This Summer!

Without ever leaving the country, make the most out of your traveling this year!

Top U.S. Destinations to Travel To

The United States is home to a wide range of vacation spots with one-of-a-kind locations, communities, and history. With the cost of air fare rising, many Americans have opted to stay at home for the vacation. While this is all well and good, the U.S. offers a plethora of affordable destinations so you can get out of town without paying a small fortune.

Travel all over the states without draining your life savings! Here’re a few suggestions:

  • Yellowstone, Wyoming – This is the home to breathtaking natural attractions for visitors of all ages. With miles of hiking and skiing paths, hot springs and mud pools, adventure-seekers pay a small price to experience America’s oldest national park.
  • Nashville, Tennessee – Known for offering some of the lowest hotel prices in the South, Nashville allows tourists to wind-down, have fun, and enjoy some of the best live music in the country!
  • Seattle, Washington – There are plenty of fun and affordable ways to enjoy the rainy city! Visit the world’s first Starbucks, peruse the Pike Place Market or stretch your legs on the trails in the Olympic Mountains.
  • New Orleans, Mississippi – Visitors can experience a culturally rich getaway with rates that are much tamer than the city’s reputation. Budget hotels are housed in historic buildings, and eateries serve spicy portions of Cajun cuisine at reasonable prices.
  • Adirondacks, New York – Despite being located in New York, this mountain range means that you experience the great outdoors in campgrounds and explorative hiking trails!

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