Benefits of Buying an Older Home

Do you shun older homes from your real estate list? Consider these old home benefits!

A warm, lived-in, full of history home is ideal for some. Quaint wood craftsmanship, crooked trees in the garden, and a home with its own personality!

That personality could come with a steep price in upkeep and renovations to meet the needs of your family and modern tastes.

If you’re on the fence about buying a home that has stood the test of time, read on!

  • Location: Older homes are often built closer to the center of the town, making it easier to walk to local shops, schools, and other amenities.
  • History: If you love hearing tales of the past, older houses are full of them. Often built with love and for a specific family, older homes have a lot to tell!
  • Investment: Old houses are in limited supply so a well-kept older home is likely to increase in value with every year.
  • Availability and furnishings: There’s no waiting for a developer’s finishing touches. You can move in immediately and enjoy the quirky style of the home’s permanent furnishings!
  • Cost: You will probably pay less for an older home. Generally, a modern house of the same size and in the same area costs more than an older one.

As you decide on your old or new home to purchase, contact Eastland Escrows for a streamlined escrow process! Our trusted professionals service Covina and the surrounding areas in California with quality escrow services.

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