Slam the Brake on Your Road Rage

Shift gears and lower your stress on your daily drive.

Do you ever notice an aggressive driver on the road? Perhaps they’re the one banging on the steering wheel in stand-still traffic, whizzing between cars, or tailgating a senior driver. These are all typical features of road rage. While you may recognize an aggressive driver on the road, it is possible that you’re one yourself?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration believes that the following are considered features of aggressive driving:

  • Expressing frustration and taking it out on other drivers
  • Not paying attention
  • Tailgating other cars
  • Frequent and fast lane changes
  • Running red lights

Over half of fatal accidents originate from one of these driving habits. Fortunately, if you experience road rage yourself, there are a few tips that you can put into practice to hit the brakes on your aggressive driving.

Curb your road rage by:

  • Controlling your emotions while driving, especially when you encounter another aggressive driver.
  • Setting off a few minutes earlier to allow time for delays.
  • Focusing on your own driving.
  • Never tailgating or flashing your lights at another driver.
  • Allowing drivers to pass you if they want to.
  • Avoid distracted driving by placing your phone well out of reach and turning the radio down.
  • Listening to classical or calming music to help relieve any tension.

Even though traffic can be infuriating, don’t let it get the best of you! Focus on enjoying and staying safe on your commute so that you needn’t worry about other drivers or the stand-still freeway.

With a calm outlook, no accidents, and no expensive payouts, you can focus on what matters. To ease your process of escrow, contact the industry experts at Eastland Escrow in Covina, California!

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