4 Great Apps to Increase Productivity

Technology in your hands allows you to better your productivity each day.

If you’re looking to do more than just play games with your new iPhone, iPad, or mobile device, there are many applications that can increase your productivity on a daily basis. From organization to easy access of files, technology allows us to better increase our efficiency – daily!

Should you want to boost your productivity (and who wouldn’t?), we have compiled the top three apps that will help you do just that!

  • Dropbox – This is a free cloud storage app that allows you to access your photos, videos, and documents from any mobile device or computer. You can easily link to your files instead of attaching them to emails, and you’ll never be in the situation where you left your laptop, and therefore that important Word doc, at home!
  • TripIt – This is an app that makes traveling a dream! You simply forward your flight and hotel confirmation emails to your account on TripIt, where it will automatically build your itinerary. You can easily share trip details with Facebook and LinkedIn contacts, and view maps of areas you’re traveling through without leaving the app. Rather than struggle to remember your booking confirmations, you can easily refer to this app!
  • Track My Life – Have you ever looked at the clock, noticed it’s 3 p.m., and wondered where the day has gone? Track My Life will help you figure out exactly how you’re spending your time by tracking your travel time, your most frequent locations, and how long is spent on each app. From that information, you can use data to find ways to maximize your time and set yourself daily priorities.
  • Waze – When you’re on a tight time schedule (or just don’t want to sit in stationary traffic), Waze, the navigational aid, reroutes your journey around traffic – shaving hours off your drive! In addition, it alerts you to upcoming hazards on the road, traffic jams, all while providing turn-by-turn directions.

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