July Is a Hot Time for Home Selling

Selling your home in a hot market.

While the weather is heating up, the real estate market does, too. If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market, the time to act is now. Striking while the iron is hot in summer enables your home to move swiftly on through the market.

The month of July is commonly mistaken as being a bad time to sell your home. The reasons for this is because many people go on vacation during this time, kids get out of school and require attention, and summer activities distract homeowners. Sometimes, there’s too much going on during the summer to pay close attention to selling a home. Many buyers would rather wait until the fall before beginning their search.

However, not everyone can wait until the autumn to sell and relocate. After all, summer brings out the best in any home! Additionally, buyers without children may see the drop in competition and jump at the chance of fewer interested buyers. In short, even if July is a slower month, there are plenty of buyers around!

Here are a few things that you can do to attract a summertime buyer!

  • Mow the lawn twice a week as grass grows faster in the summer.
  • Create summer curb appeal by revamping your garden.
  • Remove heavy drapes and let the natural light inside.
  • Have flexible showing hours during the summer months.
  • Offer summer beverages (think homemade lemonade or virgin mojitos!)
  • Control the air temperature.

If you’re buying during the summertime, check out the pros and cons of buying a home during this time. Skip the search of finding a quality escrow service for you this summer season! Contact Eastland Escrows for your ideal service. Our trusted escrow professionals serve Covina and the surrounding areas in California – throughout the summer and beyond!

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