Get a Good Night’s Sleep With These Decorating Tips

Your bedroom could be keeping you awake.

Do you lie in bed and toss and turn all night? Perhaps you wake up regularly or can’t seem to switch your mind off? Whatever your sleep problem is, it’s time to fix it. Sleep is essential for our overall health, and lack of sleep can quickly spiral into built up stress.

Believe it or not, but your surroundings could be keeping you up. By decorating your bedroom for sleep, you’re promoting relaxation and plenty of rest.

Get ready for sound sleep with these decorating ideas that promote a good night.

Dream in Color

While electric blue may be your favorite color, it’s not exactly a peaceful color. Surround yourself in quiet and muted colors, such as pale yellows and greens, to promote rest and relaxation.

Make a Fresh Start

Does the clutter in the corner bother you? If it bothers you while you’re awake, it’s sure to bother you while you’re sleeping. Eliminate any messes, piles of clothes, or stacks of paperwork in the bedroom. Instead, make your bedroom a haven for all things quiet and relaxing. Your bills in the corner aren’t doing you any favors!


Devices stimulate our minds and keep us awake. What’s more, the bright light from screens sends a signal to our brains to wake up and pay attention. As this isn’t ideal when trying to drift off, leave all appliances and devices outside of the bedroom. Pick up a book or meditate before going to sleep.

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