Tricks to Have a Healthy Halloween

A sweet night may leave your child’s dentist running and screaming.

For most children, Halloween in one of the best nights of the year. Kids get to go all out in full costume, roam the neighborhood with their friends, and get free candy, so who can blame them? However, with easy access to more candy, children are facing the most amount of cavities in over forty years. Alongside this, childhood obesity is an ongoing issue across the nation.

On Halloween night, the average child eats between 3,500 to 7,000 calories worth of treats, and that’s not even all of their sweets! While your child is hyped up for the fun night ahead, take precautions now!

  • Fill up beforehand: Whip up dinner before trick-or-treating. A nutritious and wholesome meal before heading out will mean that your children will eat fewer pieces of candy during the night.
  • Hand out healthy treats:
 Healthy foods can still be fun! Why not hand out pretzels, apples, bananas, or oranges as a treat? The sugar content in fruit is still high enough to satisfy kids sweet teeth, but it comes without preservatives and additives.
  • Walk it out: Don’t drive your children all around the neighborhood this year. Instead,
 encourage your kids to walk from house to house. Not only will this control how much candy your kids will receive (only from local houses), it’ll get your child moving.
  • Give away extra candy: Consider donating a pile of collected candy to a local senior home, food pantry, or a children’s hospital to show a sign of good faith and reduce the temptation of sugary snacking. Better yet, don’t visit any more houses once a small trick-or-treat bag is full.

This Halloween night, be sure to take precautions in protecting your child’s health and teach them a valuable lesson of giving. While you make the most of your fun Halloween night with your child, let Eastland Escrows help you with your escrow needs. Contact us today to get started on your escrow process in Covina and nearby cities in California.

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