Five Surprising Factors That Affect Your Home’s Value

These factors fluctuate your home’s price tag.

When it comes to home sales, not every house is created equally. Most of us know that the size and location of the house are the obvious factors that determine the house price, there are some lesser-known features that are taken into consideration.

Here are five frequently overlooked things that, for better or for worse, can impact the value of the home.

The name of your street. Believe it or not but people typically prefer the street they are living on to have a name rather than a number. The name ‘street’ is the least expensive address suffix by price per square foot, and ‘boulevard’ is the most expensive.

Your house number. Let’s say that your address is 1345 Main St. Add 1 + 3 + 4 + 5 to get 13. Then add 1 + 3. Your house would be a 4: good for investments and security but bad for adventure and excitement. Even though this type of house numerology may be passed off as a superstition, buyers who subscribe to this theory may overlook potential homes because of their numerology calculations.

Dodgy neighborhoods. The closer you live to your neighbor, the important it is that your lifestyles and tastes align. The last thing a buyer wants is to purchase a house where the neighbors are noisy, disruptive, or inconsiderate.

Mature trees. It’s common for developers to cut down most of the trees on a property to build homes. However, mature trees almost always enhance property values. If you have space, make a trip to your local nursery to discuss the best tree options for your home!

Crown moldings. Even if you’ve painted the house the perfect color, you may be doing your home a disservice by neglecting crown moldings. People love crown moldings so much that the houses with such features are often higher priced.

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