Home Improvement Hacks for the Winter

Utilize technology to save energy and money this winter.

With the winter comes cooler temperatures and devastating winters. Now that the warmth of the holidays surpasses and thermostats are still dropping, it’s time to make use of old and new technologies that can knock digits off your energy bill. Save money this winter with these home improvement hacks!

Insulate wisely

Your home’s insulation is your first defense against the cold. It’s critical that it is working efficiently in order to get the most of your home’s heating and air. Conduct a home energy audit to find insulation leaks, getting them fixed as soon as possible. If you have rooms that you rarely use, block off the bottom of the door with a blanket so that the warm air heating the home doesn’t go to waste.

Keep your heaters in good shape

We all know how important a heating system is in winter, so that you don’t spend more money than you need to. Keeping your heater in top condition is important throughout the winter season. Hire a professional to inspect the heating system for any damages, fixing immediately.

Take advantage of passive solar

Not everyone is in the position to afford and install solar panels on their home. However, all of us can put the winter sun to use to help heat our homes. Open the curtains every day so that the sun shines through and gently warms the air. Once the sunsets, lock in that heat by closing the curtains.

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