Home Improvement Myths – Busted!

Don’t believe everything you hear about a home improvement project.

Everyone’s an expert when it comes to home improvement… especially your home improvement. Many aren’t shy about expressing their opinions as cold, hard facts. In reality, there are plenty of myths that surround home improvement projects, and it can be easy to think of them as true.

Here are common myths about home improvement, additions, and remodeling that you can let go of.

Is any remodel a good one?

Some people think that any improvement to a home is a good one, but not all home improvement projects are created equally. Keep in mind that a unique project that is ideal to you may not suit the person trying to buy the home when you put it on the market.

I can do it myself.

Stubborn homeowners that want to save a buck or two often attempt to do improvement projects themselves. Unfortunately, many of these DIY projects end up needing professional touch ups or repair when accidents happen. Doing something yourself can save you money, but you need to know your limits. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Tackle low-risk projects on your own, but keep a professional in mind for the rest.

Do pools add value?

A lot of people think that adding a swimming pool or hot tub to their back garden is a sure way to bump up the price of the home. In California, we’re blessed with great weather that often calls for a quick dip in the backyard pool. But many homeowners see it has a liability, incurring extra maintenance and insurance fees. Check out these tips to increase your home’s value.

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