Tips for Traveling with Electronics

How to protect your electronic gadgets while on the go.

Traveling with electronics can be useful but stressful since these expensive little items can be lost easily, stolen, broken, or rendered useless by a misplaced charger. That said, it’s hard to imagine a journey without them! Technology has forever changed travel, but it’s important to keep them safe along the journey.

Read on for simple strategies to safeguard your gadgets.

Think Small

When packing, space is at a premium, and things like noise-canceling headphones and DSLR camera requires a lot of it. Opt for compact versions of accessories when possible to reduce baggage bulk. Switch big headphones to noise reducing ear buds and consider a camera lens that attaches to your smartphone. Ditch the laptop and pick the tablet instead.

Get Organized

Most airlines recommend packing electronics in carry-on baggage. Choose a bag that has many compartments to keep devices and accessories manageable and accessible through the airport and beyond. Put your essentials in a pouch that easily fits into the seat back pocket so that you don’t have to rummage through your larger bag mid-journey.

Protect Your Devices

Keep your devices safe from harm on the roads. Choose a padded sleeve or case that offers extra support. If you’re planning a day at the beach or lake, take along a waterproof pouch for your phone and camera.

Stay Charged

You don’t want your phone dying just as you’re about to take a once-in-a-lifetime photo or making an important emergency call. If possible, take a supplement power source, such as a portable USB battery or solar-powered charger can give your battery a boost when you need it the most.

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