How to Prevent Campsite Theft

Keep burglaries at bay while you’re enjoying the great outdoor adventure.

Who doesn’t love to get out in nature? Sleeping in the wilderness underneath the starry sky is even more ideal for nature-lovers. Even though being outdoors and camping is a safe and happy time, there are encounters of theft on campsites. To protect yourself and your belongings while out on your adventure, check out these tips.

Keep it in the car. If you’re not around your campsite during the day, then anything you consider truly valuable should be locked in your car. Put in the trunk or glovebox so that it’s out of sight from prying eyes.

Keep your gear close. Don’t spread your gear far and wide around your campsite. Keep it orderly and near where you are most of the time. Bear in mind that in areas with high foot traffic or close to the road, your gear is more visible.

Lock it up. Some items that are expensive, like portable fridges and stereos, should be chained up and locked. Thieves are opportunistic and want to get in and out as fast as they can. Padlocks can be a huge deterrent.

Know your neighbors. If you’re camping near others, introduce yourself and the rest of the group. This helps to make contact and get an idea of them and their camping. Campers generally look out for each other, and having made an introduction could mean they will watch over your site should you be absent.

Remember personal safety. No piece of gear like a phone or wallet is worth putting yourself in danger. Confrontation with a thief could result in them running off, but it could also mean getting yourself into a dangerous situation.

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