How To Host an open house

Sellers host open houses to spread the word about the sale of a house to large numbers of potential customers. As a realtor, help your client succeed by holding this event to connect with potential buyers. Here are some ideas for making sure the open house you organize is a success:


The main purpose of an open house is to attract as many people as possible to tell them about the sale of your house. As such, hold it on the weekend or a public holiday. Most open houses are conducted on Sunday afternoons. That’s an ideal time because most people are free to attend. 


People like to attend open houses. So, you may get some looky-loos, including neighbors and passersby. Not every visitor will tour the entire house. Also, many may ask questions. Distribute flyers containing information about the house. For instance, inform them about the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, and other rooms. This type of flyer breaks the ice and allows visitors to casually interact.

Candy & Money

Coffee, tea and snacks are an integral part of any open house. Welcome guests with a cup of tea and goodies sourced from local vendors. Everyone loves free food and drinks. You may also want to partner with local stores to showcase collections to attract attention. These vendors may also help distribute your promotional materials. Curiosity killed the cat; but it doesn’t kill prospective home buyers. Many will be curious about the home’s price and features. Capitalize on the curiosity by offering a raffle at the event. You can advertise these on social media as well as your real estate website. This will bring it to a mass audience. You may also want to offer small giveaway items like cookbooks or kitchenware. These could increase the level of engagement, especially if you follow up with entrants.


Make sure you don’t end up sitting alone in the house by under-inviting. As a realtor, it is your job to invite as many potential buyers as possible. You may even want to visit homes personally to hand out invitations. Create buzz about the event to make sure plenty of people attend.


Help your client put their best foot forward. They may need assistance cleaning and de- cluttering the home. Remove bulky and unwieldy items and arrange furniture in an attractive manner, to maximize space. If possible, rent storage space to house large furniture items. Clean floors and surfaces. Ask the homeowner to shift kids and pets to another location for the duration.

Bear in mind that some visitors may not be potential buyers. But that doesn’t mean you might not do business with them in the future. So, try to embrace everyone who shows up for a tour. Highlight positive attributes and feel free to promote your own business as a realtor.

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