Scary Escrow stories

An independent escrow company, regulated by the Department of Business Oversight 302 E. Rowland Street Covina, CA 91723  What is Escrow?                               It is a process not a product Escrow is the deposit of money and documents by two or more parties with a neutral third party that are held by the third party until certain … Continue reading Scary Escrow stories

How To Host an open house

Sellers host open houses to spread the word about the sale of a house to large numbers of potential customers. As a realtor, help your client succeed by holding this event to connect with potential buyers. Here are some ideas for making sure the open house you organize is a success: Timing The main purpose … Continue reading How To Host an open house


At a time when big businesses and warehouses have practically taken over the entire country, the city of Covina, California remains a bedroom community with lots of industry for residents and visitors, alike. Eastland Escrows was founded in 1973 and is located in the heart of downtown Covina. Covina is located in the beautiful Southern … Continue reading EASTLAND ESCROWS LOVES THE CITY OF COVINA