The Pros & Cons of Buying a Home with an HOA (Homeowner’s Association)

HOAs work to maintain a certain level of aesthetic uniformity and upkeep within a neighborhood. They set guidelines around exterior home maintenance, landscaping, and even the color of your home. These standards often protect and even enhance property values, ensuring that your investment remains solid.

6 Tips to Sell in a High-Interest Market

The most important things you can do when selling a home is to set the right price. In a high-interest-rate environment, buyers may be less likely to take on a larger mortgage payment. Therefore, it is crucial to price your home competitively. Work with a real estate agent or do some research to determine what similar homes in your area are selling for, and price your home accordingly.

Scary Escrow stories

An independent escrow company, regulated by the Department of Business Oversight 302 E. Rowland Street Covina, CA 91723  What is Escrow?                               It is a process not a product Escrow is the deposit of money and documents by two or more parties with a neutral third party that are held by the third party until certain … Continue reading Scary Escrow stories