Scary Escrow stories

An independent escrow company, regulated by the Department of Business Oversight 302 E. Rowland Street Covina, CA 91723  What is Escrow?                               It is a process not a product Escrow is the deposit of money and documents by two or more parties with a neutral third party that are held by the third party until certain … Continue reading Scary Escrow stories

3 Signs of an Up and Coming Neighborhood

Here’s how to find a neighborhood’s hot potential. For some home buyers, selecting a diamond in the rough is not only a welcome challenge but marks the beginning of an up-and-coming neighborhood. Getting into a community before it becomes the next big thing is the key to stretching your dollar! If you skipped by that village … Continue reading 3 Signs of an Up and Coming Neighborhood

When Do I Need Escrow Services?

Determine when you’ll need to start an escrow account. Escrow services are available when one party needs to make funds, a deed, or another instrument available to another party upon completion of a particular condition or event. In short, your escrow officer is the middle man for a service that relies on the exchange of … Continue reading When Do I Need Escrow Services?