What You Should Know About Opening Escrow

Tips for buyers and sellers when opening an escrow. Opening escrow can be a little confusing, especially if you are buying or selling your first house. To help ensure that the process gets off on the right foot, keep these simple tips for buyers and sellers in mind. Both parties should: As soon as you … Continue reading What You Should Know About Opening Escrow

Explaining Escrow

If you are hoping to buy or sell your home this year, you will need to open an escrow transaction. How does real estate tie into this financial tool? When buyers and sellers are ready to enter into real estate transaction, they need an unbiased third party to hold the money in an escrow trust account. … Continue reading Explaining Escrow

Delicious Curried Slaw for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to have family and friends over and enjoy a delicious meal. While there are plenty of grilling recipes, it is important to make sure you provide a well-balanced meal, including delicious side dishes. Keep this curried slaw recipe in mind as a quick addition to your next get together. To … Continue reading Delicious Curried Slaw for Summer

The Official Start of Summer

Most of us know that summer is in full swing, thanks to the hot temperatures that allow for more fun outdoor activities. Although most people are enjoying the weather, they do not know when the start of summer actually was. While Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, the summer solstice is the actual … Continue reading The Official Start of Summer

How Mortgage Escrows Work

A mortgage escrow is a legal arrangement under which a bank collects money from a homeowner on a monthly basis and uses the funds to pay annual real estate taxes and hazard insurance on the property. When a bank agrees to loan money to a borrower to buy a home, it often also requires that … Continue reading How Mortgage Escrows Work

Funds in Escrow: Ownership Questions

What is Escrow? Escrow is a real estate term; when money or property is "held in trust" by a third party and can only be turned over to the grantee once certain conditions are met. Ownership Questions When funds are held in escrow, it can be confusing as to the ownership of said funds. There … Continue reading Funds in Escrow: Ownership Questions

Questions Home Buyers Should Ask and Sellers Should Know

Buying or selling a home is a stressful situation. There are so many questions, and sometimes, too few good answers. Buyers who are purchasing a home should ask some of the following questions, and sellers should prepare answers to them. Why are you selling your home? Don't expect the seller to tell you any negative … Continue reading Questions Home Buyers Should Ask and Sellers Should Know