How to: Avoid Animals on the Road

Ducklings to deer – avoid animal-vehicle collisions! Motorists have a lot to think about when driving: surrounding cars, their speed, pedestrians, and reckless drivers. To throw prancing animals into the mix is an unfortunate circumstance we must consider, too. Whether it’s deer mating season in the fall, duckling time in the spring, or driving on … Continue reading How to: Avoid Animals on the Road

Travel Tips for The Holidays

Survive holiday traffic with these holiday season travel tips! Wherever you’re heading, if you’re traveling out of town during the holiday season, you’ll likely find chock-a-block roads, long lines, and distracted drivers. Unfortunately, this is the down-side to traveling over the winter season – everyone else is, too! So that you don’t have a Frosty … Continue reading Travel Tips for The Holidays