Local Events Perfect For Summer

  Celebrate The Summer At These Great Events The summer is in full swing! The warmer weather presents the perfect chance for all of us to get outside and enjoy sunny, longer days as a community. If you are looking to do just that, there are a couple of great local events that you should … Continue reading Local Events Perfect For Summer

iPhone Apps You Need!

Use These Apps To Hack Your Life Your Smart phone has made your life much easier. You get to carry around a compact computer, giving you access to everyone in your rolodex and the internet’s wealth of information, plus a handy calculator, computer, and flashlight. Pretty neat, right? It is, but if you are not … Continue reading iPhone Apps You Need!

Super Bowl Recipe: Queso Fundido

Get Your Cheese Fix With This Easy Recipe Super Bowl is one of those fun, unique events when all Americans come together to celebrate a few things we love: football, beer, and tasty appetizers. Your dish can be the highlight of your upcoming Super Bowl party if you use this cheesy, gooey, tequila-spiked queso fundido … Continue reading Super Bowl Recipe: Queso Fundido