Closing Information: What You Need to Know

Be sure to note the basics of closing information! When going through escrow, it’s important to understand the important information of closing statements and fees! We’ve put together an explanation of what you need to know about these! What is it? A closing statement is a document to reflect the purchase price, the funds deposited … Continue reading Closing Information: What You Need to Know

Why Open Houses Are Still Critical

For years, realtors have questioned the value of open houses, and in some ways it’s understandable. Open houses are time consuming, expensive and you get a lot of people who are “just looking”. The real issue though, is that according to a 2013 National Association of Realtors, 45% of buyers believe they are important and … Continue reading Why Open Houses Are Still Critical

Spring Decorating Tips

When you are closing on a home or when you just have questions, contact Eastland Escrows. We can provide information that will help you feel more secure about the purchase of a house. We proudly serve the region from offices in Covina, California. Spring is a time to freshen things up, and that includes the look of … Continue reading Spring Decorating Tips

Your Annual Property Taxes

Death and taxes; the proverbial things humans cannot escape in their lifetimes. While death happens just once, paying property taxes is an annual event. What are property taxes? Property tax can be explained as the tax liability imposed on homeowners for ownership of real estate. Tax rates are determined based on the location of said … Continue reading Your Annual Property Taxes

Information on Short Sales

The US housing market is filled with homes that have fallen in value during the current mortgage prices. This leaves homeowners "upside down" on their mortgages. When this happens and homeowners need to sell their homes due to relocation or financial difficulties, they become what is known as distressed sellers. In some instances, banks and … Continue reading Information on Short Sales