Level: The Smartphone App To Make Budgeting Easier

How Level Can Help You Spend And Save In 2015, budgeting is a lot easier than it used to be. You used to have to collect receipts, create spreadsheets, and keep extensive files on your spending. Today, all of your spending habits can be digitally tracked and easily compiled. Apps on your smartphone put all … Continue reading Level: The Smartphone App To Make Budgeting Easier

Saving On Your Holiday Shopping

Saving On Your Holiday Shopping Budget Tips for the Holiday Season   The holidays are meant to be full of family and joy. However, when crossing items off of everyone’s Christmas list, it can also mean an empty wallet. To ensure that you do not have to pick up a second job to cover the … Continue reading Saving On Your Holiday Shopping

Funds in Escrow: Ownership Questions

What is Escrow? Escrow is a real estate term; when money or property is "held in trust" by a third party and can only be turned over to the grantee once certain conditions are met. Ownership Questions When funds are held in escrow, it can be confusing as to the ownership of said funds. There … Continue reading Funds in Escrow: Ownership Questions