Devices to Make Your Home Smarter!

Smart home devices are an ever-increasing trend. Which ones are worth trying?  From smartphones to smartwatches, we are never far from intelligent technology. Leaders in devices have thought, “why stop there?” and have announced their plans for smart home “Internet of Things” (IoT) operating systems. In short, you can control your devices with a touch of … Continue reading Devices to Make Your Home Smarter!

Travel Tips for The Holidays

Survive holiday traffic with these holiday season travel tips! Wherever you’re heading, if you’re traveling out of town during the holiday season, you’ll likely find chock-a-block roads, long lines, and distracted drivers. Unfortunately, this is the down-side to traveling over the winter season – everyone else is, too! So that you don’t have a Frosty … Continue reading Travel Tips for The Holidays

4 DIY Apps All Homeowners Need

DIY Smartphone Apps One of the best aspects of owning your own house is having the freedom to take on any DIY project that you want. However, if you are new to the DIY world, you may not know where to start. Download these apps that will help you navigate your way through any DIY … Continue reading 4 DIY Apps All Homeowners Need

Level: The Smartphone App To Make Budgeting Easier

How Level Can Help You Spend And Save In 2015, budgeting is a lot easier than it used to be. You used to have to collect receipts, create spreadsheets, and keep extensive files on your spending. Today, all of your spending habits can be digitally tracked and easily compiled. Apps on your smartphone put all … Continue reading Level: The Smartphone App To Make Budgeting Easier