Tips To Maximize The Space at Your House

Space Maximizing Tips Space is one of the biggest factors when you are looking for a house. No matter if your children have left for college leaving you with extra rooms, or if you bought your first home a little smaller than you were hoping for, maximizing the space in every room will help to … Continue reading Tips To Maximize The Space at Your House

Working Towards Buying a House

Tips To Reach Your Financial Goals Everyone faces setbacks in their life. While falling on hard times can be stressful, it does not have to ruin your precious time spent on earth. Having the right attitude can make all the difference in difficult situations. Keep these tips in mind to help you get through any … Continue reading Working Towards Buying a House

Create a Smart Home With These Products

New Home Technology Technology is advancing every day. From smartphones that can do everything from making a phone call to searching the web, we have made huge leaps when it comes to technology. In order to keep up with the tech world, many home design companies are also offering new products that can make your … Continue reading Create a Smart Home With These Products

New Year’s Resolutions to Keep Your Identity Safe

Protecting Your Identity in 2015 As the second month of 2015 kicks off, you may find yourself slacking on your New Year’s Resolutions. Luckily, there is one New Year’s Resolution that is very easy to keep and will benefit you for the whole year – protecting your identity. Keep these simple tips in mind to … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions to Keep Your Identity Safe

Explaining Escrow

If you are hoping to buy or sell your home this year, you will need to open an escrow transaction. How does real estate tie into this financial tool? When buyers and sellers are ready to enter into real estate transaction, they need an unbiased third party to hold the money in an escrow trust account. … Continue reading Explaining Escrow

Super Bowl Recipe: Queso Fundido

Get Your Cheese Fix With This Easy Recipe Super Bowl is one of those fun, unique events when all Americans come together to celebrate a few things we love: football, beer, and tasty appetizers. Your dish can be the highlight of your upcoming Super Bowl party if you use this cheesy, gooey, tequila-spiked queso fundido … Continue reading Super Bowl Recipe: Queso Fundido

Real Estate Forecast: Sunny Skies Ahead

Experts And Economists Predict A Good Year For Real Estate As 2015 has begun, another year is behind us since the economic downturn that caused the Great Recession and the housing market crash. As the years have passed us by, the real estate market has become increasingly healthy and 2014 saw impressive growth in areas … Continue reading Real Estate Forecast: Sunny Skies Ahead

Give Back By Giving Blood

Take Advantage Of National Blood Donor Month Did you have any New Year’s resolutions centered on giving back to your community or the world? If so, January brings a great opportunity for you to actually keep your resolutions this year. Since 1970, January has been celebrated as National Blood Donor month in an effort to prevent colder … Continue reading Give Back By Giving Blood

What is Escrow?

If you are buying your first house, the escrow process may confuse you. To ensure you end up with a great deal, it is important to understand the process. An escrow is essentially a safety net for both the buyer and the seller throughout the entire real estate transaction. A neutral third party, who controls … Continue reading What is Escrow?

Financial To-Dos for October

Most people think that October is just for Halloween. However, October is also the best month to ensure that your finances are in order for the rest of the year! Keep these October financial to-dos in mind to help keep you on track and prepare for the New Year. Book your holiday travel plans. Booking … Continue reading Financial To-Dos for October