Home Maintenance To Dos for the Cooler Months

Keep your home protected by prepping for the winter months. Now that the nights are drawing in and everyone’s readying their Thanksgiving plans, it’s time to prep your home for the winter months. As the temperatures drop and the frost threatens our water pipes, it’s essential for homeowners to do a little home maintenance now. … Continue reading Home Maintenance To Dos for the Cooler Months

Homemade Eggnog to Try Tonight!

Enjoy the holidays with this delectable drink: Rich & Homemade Eggnog! The weather is starting to cool off in Covina, California and many are turning to our winter favorite drinks to get cozy. Nothing warms our hearts (and bellies) quite like a nice mug of delicious eggnog! While you may think that eggnog is easily … Continue reading Homemade Eggnog to Try Tonight!

Travel Tips for The Holidays

Survive holiday traffic with these holiday season travel tips! Wherever you’re heading, if you’re traveling out of town during the holiday season, you’ll likely find chock-a-block roads, long lines, and distracted drivers. Unfortunately, this is the down-side to traveling over the winter season – everyone else is, too! So that you don’t have a Frosty … Continue reading Travel Tips for The Holidays

Is Home Selling During the Holidays?

Among festivities there are serious buyers and reliable sellers. The holiday season holds the popular misconception of being a bad time to sell a home! The reality of this situation is that, while sales do drop off between November and January, there are some good reasons to list your home during these months! Find out … Continue reading Is Home Selling During the Holidays?