How to: Avoid Animals on the Road

Ducklings to deer – avoid animal-vehicle collisions!

Motorists have a lot to think about when driving: surrounding cars, their speed, pedestrians, and reckless drivers. To throw prancing animals into the mix is an unfortunate circumstance we must consider, too.

Whether it’s deer mating season in the fall, duckling time in the spring, or driving on rural roads, motorists should take extra time to look out for wildlife that may move onto the road.

Many of the wildlife-vehicle collisions are preventable. Use these tips when driving to keep your car in top condition, and to keep Bambi and friends safe and alive:

  • Be extra cautious at dawn and dusk while driving.
  • Scan the road ahead of you.
  • Slow down significantly when traveling through areas with a high and active wildlife population.
  • Use headlights at night. If you see an animal up ahead, flash your lights. Deer tend to fixate on headlights, so flashing them may cause him/her to scurry away.
  • Always stay alert! Just because you avoided one animal, doesn’t mean that there won’t be more ahead.
  • Remember that hedgehogs, ducks, and rabbits can make their way onto the road, so be sure to look out for smaller animals.
  • Always obey speed limits and wear seat belts.
  • Consider installing a bumper ‘whistler’ which creates a noise that deer dislike, thus warding them away.

Don’t be left like a deer in the headlights when you face an animal-vehicle collision. Whether it’s a cat in your neighborhood or a deer on a back road, always look out for animals.

From the escrow experts at Eastland Escrow, we hope that you and your furry friends stay safe on and off the roads! Visit us for all of your escrow needs within the Covina area, California.

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