Top Ways to Cope With Holiday Stress

Feeling the weight of holiday pressure? Take a load off with these tips.

In theory, nothing sounds nicer than spending a few cozy days with the family, gathered around the fire, sharing stories, and listening to seasonal tunes. In reality, it’s never as smooth sailing as that. Between arguing family, organizing a week off work, shopping in the masses, and juggling your high stack of chores, it’s easy to feel the brunt of the holiday stress.

If you’re feeling not-so-great during the most wonderful time of the year, use these tips to cope with holiday stress:

  • Turn down an invitation. It’s easy to say ‘yes’ to everything, only to find that you are stretched thin on time. Spend quality time with friends and family, but don’t overbook your social calendar.
  • Stay healthy by eating a wholesome meal before a holiday party. There is sure to be a lot of junk food and calorific snacks at social gatherings. Stock up on your fruits and vegetables before heading out!
  • Take time out of your busy schedule for yourself! Try releasing tension with a walk, fresh air, or music.
  • Arrive at the airport early, buy presents ahead of time, and shop for groceries with menus in mind.
  • Set a strict budget for gifts so that you don’t worry about finances throughout the season.
  • Maintain your healthy habits by allowing enough time to go for a run, hit the gym, and having days off without drinking alcohol.
  • Accept family members for who they are and save heated discussions for another occasion.
  • Expect less. No one’s holiday can be as picture perfect as the books and films may have you believe.

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