Travel Tips for The Holidays

Survive holiday traffic with these holiday season travel tips!

Wherever you’re heading, if you’re traveling out of town during the holiday season, you’ll likely find chock-a-block roads, long lines, and distracted drivers. Unfortunately, this is the down-side to traveling over the winter season – everyone else is, too!

So that you don’t have a Frosty the Snowman-size meltdown, implement these tips into your travel:

Avoid Congestion
Plan alterative routes for when traffic begins to build up! You can use your GPS to alert you to upcoming traffic so that you’re able to take side streets or another route to avoid sitting in heavy congestion.

Pack Supplies
From snacks, drinking water, games for the kids, to the emergency supply kit, ensure that you have the essentials to keep you going!

Time It Wisely
If you can, hit the road early (we’re taking wee hours of the morning) or late at night when everyone else is asleep. You’re more likely to have a smooth run through by traveling on off-peak days!

Rest Often
As the driver, be sure that you take frequent breaks to stretch your legs and change the scenery. Remember to never drive tired (even a cat-nap will do wonders!) or drunk.

Stay Alert
Drive extra carefully around this time of year. Not only do you have winter weather opposing you, but many drivers find themselves distracted from children in the back seat, or following directions on their phone. Drive defensively and leave enough stopping distance!

Be Connected.
If you’re flying, download the Flight Status app onto your smartphone for real-time updates on delays, baggage numbers, and more! For driving, download Waze which alerts you to heavy traffic, hazards on the road, accidents, and can re-route you automatically – this is the best driving companion that can save you hours on the road!

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